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The object of New Marske Harriers is the promotion of community participation in healthy recreation for the benefit of the inhabitants of Redcar and Cleveland and it's neighbouring Boroughs by the provision of facilities for athletics. Registered Charity Number 1168578

New Marske Harriers

2020 Road Races


Coast Road Series

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We have added a new race for this year:

Leap Year 6km Trot (5km +1)

Licence No 2020 - 39995

The race will be held in Albert Park on Saturday 29th February 2020 at 12 noon. Start / Finish area is near the Visitors Centre and will consist of just over 3 laps of the park, accurately measured, run in opposite direction to parkrun. This is being organised by Peter and Tracey Quinn as part of their fund raising (inc London Marathon) for the SeeAbility Charity - click here for more information about the charity

Please support this race if you are able - you can then try to beat your 6km pb at Sessay Swift 6k on 19th August click here


All races will be chip timed

 Everyone Active Series Dates:

  • Mermaid 10k - Good Friday 10th April 10.15am Race Full
  • Spring Coast Road 5k - Tuesday 28th April 7.15pm  Note New Date
  • Everyone Active 10k - Sunday 14th June 10.15am 
  • Summer Coast Road 5k - Wednesday 15th July 7.15pm 
  • Autumn Coast Road 5k - Wednesday 2nd September 7.15pm

Locke Park Race Dates:

  • Locke Park 20/10 Miler - Sunday 8th March 10.00am
  • Pie & Peas 5 Mile - Wednesday 6th May 7.30pm
  • Locke Park Men / Women only 5 Miler - Sunday 25th October 10.00am 

Redcar Running Festival, Sunday 27th September 

  • Everyone Active 2km Fun Run 9:30
  • Beacon 5km 9:40
  • Zetland 10km 10:00
  • Redcar Half Marathon 10:07

Entries for the races will close 4 days before race day or when full



The club has always had a vibrant road racing tradition. We have groups of various abilites meeting at club sessions and informally.

We have several club awards that recognise both the most talented and also the "improvers".

We also are the leading club in the north east for organising road races - races for club runners organised by club runners. Offering well organised events and good value for money.

We try to be ahead of the curve with innonative ideas.

Redcar Half Marathon Events


New Marske Harriers have been involved with Redcar Half Marathon since the very early days, supporting the local authority in delivering the event. The situation is now being reversed and the club is taking a leading role supported by the local authority.

Evidence of this can be seen by entries being via the club’s entry micro website, introduction of a supporting 5km Race, and following an approach to the club by the GO Run For Fun campaign a 1 mile Fun Run has also been added.

“The GO Run for Fun Campaign is delighted to be partnering the Redcar Half Marathon Fun Run. GO Run For Fun is a national campaign aimed at getting 5+ year old children into running. Find out more at INEOS GO RUN FOR FUN

These are exciting times for the club – we will be looking for the same level of support from members and friends as in previous years and hopefully we can recreate the feel good factor that was evident at the recent Locke Park 20 miler. Which is an appropriate time to remind everyone of the Pie & Peas 5 miler with 1 mile Fun Run in Locke Park on the evening of Wednesday 14th May Enter Here

Tanya Wins Senior Christmas Handicap 2013

tanya dixon

Well done Tanya Dixon who stayed one step ahead of the handicapper to win the 2013 Christmas Handicap.

Tanya made the most of her generous 17m 12s handicap mark to be the clear winner with a net time of 10m 13s - 3 minutes ahead of Diane Hall in 2nd (the pair seen above in the finishing straight 6s apart) and Stewart Hart was half a minute back in third. Fair to say for all Tanya's handicap time was over generous, as since the handicap times were published, she ran a much improved time last month. However she has clearly been training hard, as had that time been included in the handicap calculation - she would have still won!

 Handicap Result 

Handicap times:

Note: 5k performances between Nov 2012 to Oct 2013 were used where availabe. Where a runner didn't have a 5k time other race info was used to estimate a 5k time.

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Handicap Times to be deducted from actual times on the day!
0 1 2 3
Andrew Wiles Senior Men 00m00s
Dom Shaw Senior Men 00m12s
Russell Best Senior Men 00m32s
James Bulman Vet 40 M 01m11s
John Clifford Vet 40 M 01m12s
Charlie Pasco U20 Men 01m21s
Alan Piggford Senior Men 01m30s
Shaun O'Grady Senior Men 01m32s
Nasir Hussain Senior Men 01m39s
Tristan Learoyd Senior Men 02m06s
Andrew Pearson Vet 40 M 02m10s
Daniel Duffield U20 Men 02m12s
Mark Gamble-Thompson Vet 50 M 02m30s
Martin Murray Vet 40 M 02m33s
Tom Danby Senior Men 02m36s
Hassan Ben-Tiba U17 Boys 02m38s
Philip Musgrave Senior Men 02m44s
Sam Garratt U17 Boys 03m08s
Simon Clements Senior Men 03m13s
Adam Walker Senior Men 03m19s
Neil Walker Vet 50 M 03m37s
Paul Cleasby Vet 40 M 03m48s
Lewis Moses Senior 03m51s
Michael Smith Vet 40 M 03m55s
Clive Thornton Vet 40 M 04m04s
Patrick Wilson U17 Boys 04m07s
Chris Whiles Senior Men 04m14s
Kay Neesam Vet 40 W 04m17s
Michael Mitchell Senior Men 04m19s
Sharon Bulman Vet 40 W 04m26s
Darren Bell Vet 40 M 04m27s
Andrew Sugden Senior Men 04m27s
Tony Livingston Vet 50 M 04m35s
David Paley Senior Men 04m44s
Josh McMillan U17 Boys 04m47s
Sephen Guest Senior Men 04m53s
Andrew Hart Senior Men 05m20s
Drew Davison U20 Men 05m22s
Robert Ray Vet 40 M 05m32s
Kath Aspin Vet 40 W 05m34s
Lisa Bennett Vet 40 W 05m41s
Morgan Speirs U17 Boys 05m42s
Benjamin Thompson Senior Men 05m44s
Mark Bradley Vet 50 M 05m47s
Robert Currie Vet 40 M 05m49s
David Aspin Vet 40 M 05m50s
Timothy Hunter U20 Men 06m01s
David Hodgson Vet 50 M 06m04s
Erin Pearson Senior Women 06m05s
Darren Wilson Vet 40 M 06m07s
Melanie Carlton Senior 06m10s
John Spraggett Vet 60 M 06m10s
Andrew Phinn Vet 50 M 06m13s
Gemma Parkin Senior Women 06m14s
Shelli Gordon Vet 35 W 06m14s
Harry Underwood U17 Boys 06m17s
Andrew Oliver Senior 06m23s
Alfie Else U17 Boys 06m28s
Nigel Barnbrooke Vet 50 M 06m29s
Nicholas O'Grady Vet 40 M 06m35s
Charlotte Ellis Senior Women 06m43s
Carole Phinn Vet 60 F 06m51s
Keir Farrier U17 Boys 07m04s
Alan Robson Vet 40 M 07m05s
Katie Coulson U20 Women 07m13s
David Heath Vet 40 M 07m19s
Brian Allen Vet 60 M 07m36s
Stewart Hart Senior Men 07m38s
Patricia Speedie Vet 40 W 07m44s
Alice Rigby U17 Girls 07m48s
Helen Whitney Vet 40 W 07m51s
Joanne Goldsmith Vet 40 W 08m00s
Ronald Sherwood Vet 70 M 08m02s
Thomas Bunn Vet 50 M 08m16s
Martin Miles Vet 40 M 08m22s
Douglas Scott Vet 60 M 08m27s
Michael McGurk Vet 50 M 08m28s
Izzy Pearse u17 Girls 08m30s
Richard Oliver Vet 60 M 08m36s
Michael Carter Vet 60 M 08m36s
Philip Miles Vet 70 M 08m56s
Ross McMillan Vet 40 M 09m27s
John Rymer Vet 50 M 09m27s
Christine Jones Vet 50 F 09m48s
Jessica Tyerman U17 Girls 09m49s
Michelle O'Grady Senior Women 09m49s
Louise Danby Senior Women 10m12s
Tony Slater Vet 60 M 10m25s
Sue Rowell Senior 10m25s
Sandra Jemson Vet 60 W 10m25s
Jon Pearse Vet 50 M 10m30s
Jeffery Moulder Vet 60 M 10m47s
Jim Conaghan Vet 70 M 10m50s
Pam Best Vet 50 W 10m53s
Lynn Woods Vet 60 W 10m58s
Amanda Waller Vet 50 W 11m01s
Sarah Rogers Vet 40 W 11m02s
Martin Kirby Vet 50 M 11m02s
Jill Sexton Vet 50 W 11m12s
Colin Scollay Vet 60 M 11m13s
Joel Coombes Senior Men 11m19s
Cheryl Poulter Vet 50 W 11m41s
Julie Hodgson Vet 50 W 11m41s
Neil Rogers Vet 40 M 11m42s
Julian Wilkinson Vet 60 M 11m47s
Andrea Henderson Vet 35 W 12m00s
Clare Hunter Vet 40 W 12m45s
Lorraine Allamby Vet 60 W 13m05s
Martin White Vet 50 M 13m16s
Brenda Wilkin Vet 35 W 13m36s
David Matthews Vet 60 M 13m45s
Diane Hall Vet 50 W 14m13s
Keith Hildore Vet 70 M 15m20s
Kelly Brearley Vet 35 W 15m26s
Terry Saffin Vet 50 W 15m28s
Patrick Woods Vet 60 M 16m39s
Tanya Dixon Senior Women 17m12s
Graham Hall Vet 50 M 17m44s


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