NYSD Summerhill Hartlepool  13/11/11

As a photographer I eagerly await this popular course with the "water jump" providing some good shots.  How disappointing it was to arrive and find no water in it Cry.  After having spoken to the event organiser and requested they build a dam next year I set out to find an alternative position.   Having located myself with the crowds of spectators half way up the hill, it was interesting to listen to the discussions about why Adam Blowers was running without shoes on and with a homemade number.   Rumour had it that he was running against the wishes of his coach who had taken his spikes and number off him! however Adam confirmed that he actually had blisters and took his spikes off by choice.  In the men's race Adam headed Alan Piggford on the 1st lap but Alan kept his spikes on and fought back to beat Adam, both having top 10 finishes in 6th and 10th.  New member Simon Clements is making rapid progress in his first season and came home 41st, a massive improvement on his 86th at Acklam, must be down to good coaching!    In the ladies race Kath came home 13th, 3rd V1 with Katie Coulson next home in 19th. Wayne Parker continued his good form with 2nd in the U17 race, beaten by a member of the dominating Richmond and Zetland team.  Well done to all the other New Marske competitors with plenty of Juniors putting a tremendous effort in on a hard course.


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