NYSD Richmond XC - 17/02/13

NYSD Thirsk 2013 Cover


It was a busy weekend with New Marske fielding 4 teams at the Signals Relays and a good turnout at the Commondale Clart Fell Race. Non the less there were some good performances from the depleted team at the Richmond Cross Country.  Not content with a super run at the relays that would have put him in the 'A' Team, Sam Garratt was off like a shot in the U15 race and went on to win after leading the whole race.  Kath Aspin was 1st 45, Frances Bell 3rd U13 with good runs also from George Geldart, Berry Bergstrand,  Reece Curtis, Ben Bergstrand, Adam McMillan, James Geldert, Eli Barnbrook, Katie Thornton, Josh McMillan,  Tom Geldart, Keir Farrier, Nigel Barnbrook and Tony Slater.  Amanda Waller also did the double after running in the relays on Saturday.  Good luck to all those racing at the National Cross Country Championships at Sunderland on Saturday.

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