NYSD Whitby Cross Country – 27/10/13


Report by Dave Aspin

I came away from Acklam thinking I should have run, despite having 3 senior men in the top ten we did not have enough to muster a full team. Where have all the men gone?  XC is great winter racing/training! Whitby route

After about 5 years of watching, taking photo’s and encouraging others to come and run I finally decided to take the plunge and make my competitive return to Cross Country running after an absence of over 32 years.

Not to put any pressure on, but Graham Hall pointed out at the start that I was the final counter and needed to finish well up.

The plan was to start at the back and see how it went. Expecting the first lap to miss the woods I made a conservative start, but then ended walking for at least a hundred metres through the woods as the 8 wide pack had to negotiate a single track path, not sure why they did that this year.  After a quick sprint to get a good spot for Rebecca with the camera, I settled in to a rhythm, managing to run up the steep hill on all three laps.  Found if difficult coming through the final quarter of each lap around the football pitches with the wind against.  After the first km I only lost about a net 2 places, unfortunately the tank was empty in the last 500m and a couple of Middlesbrough and Cleveland runners working together sprinted past.   All in all I enjoyed the experience and great support was received all around the course.  As my fitness improves my placing should as well, should I pluck up the courage to run again!!  As a bonus the team finished 2nd, not sure I can manage a 26 place improvement that would help us to win, but if more men come we should be able to manage it.

Whitby stats 2013

Many people have commented that they are worried about running as they are slow and would let the team down.  Don’t let being slow stop you coming.  The races are for all abilities and without runners there will not be a team. You have to be in it to win it!

In the senior men’s race we had 4 in the top ten, Russ Best 2nd, Charlie Pasco 3rd, Tristan Learoyd 7th and Nasir Hussain 8th.  Clive Thornton was 23rd and I made up the team in 68th.

Another person making a Cross Country debut was Patricia Speedie.  After purchasing some suitable footwear in the week leading up to the race, Trish found the steep hills a shock to the system, but enjoyed it I think.  Hope to see you again at some of the later events.   In the ladies race Bobbi Phillips was 3rd, Kath Aspin 14th, Trish Speedie 31st, Louise Danby 36th, Michelle O’Grady 39th, with Diane Hall and Terry Saffin 55th and 56th.  This may be my last report as Terry said she would kill me if I published any pictures of her. Oh well…..   The ladies team came 5th in a tight competition for the top places.  


Another large turnout in the U11 races with 15 minnows out, George Geldart and Archie Lowe getting a 1,2 in the boys race and Charlotte Bennett and Ruby Whitney 2nd and 5th in the girls race.

Lot of other good run in the U13’s races, and Hassan Ben-Tiba 1st, Reece Curtis 4th, Elliott Metcalfe 5th took the U15 boys to 1st team.  The U15 girls were 3rd team. Sam Garratt had an excellent run to come 2nd in the U17 boys race.

Next up is Filey on Sunday 17th November, a clash I believe for anybody doing the Abbey Dash

An extra small New Marske Jacket was left at Whitby, please contact me to get it back.


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