Team Manager Update   2015/16 XC SEASON




2015/2016 League Rules 

Sunday 20st September Thirsk (behind the swimming pool) 3 or 4 /team  for relays (U11 not a relay) Meeting Details


Sunday 4th October  Caedmon School Whitby  Meeting Details


Sunday 25th October  Acklam Grange Middlesbrough Meeting Details


Sunday 15th November   Summerhill Hartlepool Meeting Details


Sunday 10th January  Croft Aerodrome  Meeting Details


Saturday 23rd January Fox Rush Farm Community Woodland, Redcar Draft Meeting Details


Sunday 7th February  The Old Racecourse Richmond Meeting Details


These are just turn up and pay events. You will be given a number (by me or someone else from the club who will usually be with our flag/tent) for the whole series when you first register. The number costs £4 for U13-U17’s and £5 for all those older. There are U11 races at each meeting. U 11 runners need to get a number (which is free) and is used for the whole series. All runners must wear their number on their front and wear a NMH vest. The 1st race is the U11s at 1pm (check though as it may be a bit earlier at some venues) and the senior mens is last usually starting at 2.15pm






Saturday 31st October National Relays Berry Park Mansfield. Entry by 6th October


Saturday 12th  December North Eastern Champs Sedgefield. Entry by 5th November


Sunday 10th January (tbc if not the 17th) Cathedral Relays Durham Entry by 2nd January (seniors/vets only)


Saturday 30th January Northern Champs Witton Park Blackburn Entry by 3rd January


Saturday 27th February National Champs Donington Park Entry by 20th December   


These events need to be entered in advance and are open to U13 upwards. I have given the deadlines above so please let me know by these dates if you would like to enter. The club will pay for these entries but you are expected to refund the fee if you do not run for any reason.


Please support the club by entering as many events as possible. All these events are great fun whatever your level and experience as there is always someone to run against who is roughly your level and it is always good to run at different venues against new people. These bigger events are a great experience so please give them serious thought. The North Easterns are a great introduction to bigger races. Please try and enter these as we have has disappointingly few runners recently Those that have competed have been very successful and there are team prizes as well.


Your age category for cross country (which you run in until the end of the cross country season) is determined by your age on 1st September this year. You can however start running in the U13 race as soon as you turn 11.


New Marske have a great record in the relays so we have a lot to live up to but it would also be great to get more teams out so please let me know if you want to compete. Team sizes are usually 3 but in some cases 6 so I need to be given plenty of notice to organise teams and need to know about the Thirsk relays very quickly. You will always get a timed result even if we have an incomplete team. You are not running for very long in them and they can be very exciting and it is great to be part of a team.


If you want to enter these events please let me know in good time preferably by email. I will always acknowledge your requests. If you don’t get a response I haven’t received your communication


ALL THESE DATES  ARE PROVISIONAL SO PLEASE CHECK THE WEBSITE NEARER THE TIME TO CONFIRM DETAILS. The club website is If you need any more info please get in touch. Otherwise I look forward to seeing you all out on the courses.




Jon Pearse 01287 660050/07977 008513  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






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