“Most inclines come in the first 15 miles…….” so said the route guide. The Health & Safety team must have been on overtime putting out all the ‘steep incline’, ‘steep decline’ and ‘tight bend’ signs all around the 26 mile course. Kath Aspin, Nick O’Grady and Steve Cram joined the 972 starters for the inaugural running of this race. The route followed the Lakeside Way rarely leaving the shores of Kielder Water.



Flat you would think….anything but. A hard marathon to pick for their first with many experienced runners saying it was one of the toughest they had done. After six miles both Kath and Nick were ahead of Steve Cram but he managed to move ahead beating Kath by 7 minutes. With times significantly longer than for a flat road marathon, Kath finished 33rd woman in a great 3:53 and Nick in an excellent 4:22 457th. Most runners said never again, but after the pain has worn off realise what a beautiful marathon it was with stunning views for the whole race. Thomas Aspin ran in the Osprey under 10’s race coming an excellent 3rd and Rebecca Aspin also ran well in the Roman Mile Race.



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