Ricky breaks his course & club record!

At the Snake Lane 10 miler on Sunday, Ricky Stevenson broke his own course record and club record by 24 seconds - in a time of 48.03. Needless to say he felt he should have dipped below 48 minutes!

This takes Ricky to the top of the UK 10mile rankings for 2011.

The was also an official pb for Sarah Rogers, but she was disapointed, as she had run the first 10miles at the Brass Monkey half marathon quicker.

All club finishers:

1 Ricky Stevenson M 00:48:03
3 Richard Morrell M 00:52:19
163 Sarah Rogers F40 01:10:14
278 Brian Allen M65 01:16:08
330 Douglas Scott M55 01:19:13
345 Neil Rogers M40 01:20:05
373 Lynn Woods F60 01:22:13
380 Louise Danby F 01:22:34
562 Cheryl Hepples F 01:34:38
563 Diane Hall F50 01:34:38
647 Julian Wilkinson M60 01:51:31
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