2011 BUPA Great Birmingham Run - Half Marathon


Not everyday you get up close to Haile preparing for a race, but wearing a blue New Marske jacket made me almost indistinguishable from the Great Run staff in their blue jackets.  Despite appearing to struggle putting his shirt on, Haile was quite relaxed and chatting to spectators 5 minutes before the start of the race.  I had entered the race myself, what was to be first half marathon, only to pick up an injury a few weeks before.  Having only entered because I had, Kath was left to run the race on her own.



Reports on the organisation of last years race did not inspire confidence, but having become part of the "Great Run" series it went like clockwork from our perspective. Haile broke away from the field to win in a time of 61:29.  A minute after finishing he was speaking to the spectators saying it had been hillier and more windy than he expected.    A long hill in to the wind at the 11 mile mark hindered good times, but Kath was pleased with her time of 94:26, a mere 1 second outside the time of her only previous half marathon. Having watched the TV coverage on our return home I decided it was better to watch than run if you want to see yourself on television, as we did not spot Kath as most of the coverage was of Banana Man who shadowed the leading lady. I however managed about 5 hits having strategically placed myself near the start and finish.

Photos Report by Dave Aspin


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