Spring(?) Coast Road 5k

A wet, cold and windy evening (and possibly a serious RTA nearby) meant we had a much lower than usual turnout, with only 79 finishers.

The 2012 temporary course was well received by many of the runners, despite many sections being awash with standing water. However, the setting up required and the number of additional marshals required means we will revert to the “pink path” course nest year – which will no longer have any pink !

The race itself was dominated by 42year old Paul Lowe and 16year old Charlie Pasco who at half way were shoulder to shoulder, but once they turned onto the Coast Road the older athlete used his strength to ease clear, to win in 16:17 – 10seconds ahead of his younger rival. Third was Michael Joyeux, over a minute further back. The leading lady was Fiona Blackett (8th overall) in a time of 18:14.

Many thanks to volunteers that braved the elements to make this event possible.

Results Photos courtesy of Colin Edwards

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