Snake Lane 10  - 24/02/13



By Paul Cleasby

Signs were looking ominous for Snake Lane on Sunday when we awoke to snow on the Saturday morning. Shades of the Brass Monkey cancellation were feared. Happily the snow was for the hardcore cross country runners and conditions for the 10 mile road race on the Sunday were perfect. Cool, clear and crisp, even the sun made an appearance. As ever Pocklington Runners put on a great race. Very well organised, well marshalled but what tops it off is the warm hospitality of the host club. Changing rooms, showers, tea, sandwiches and cakes available afterwards.All very civilised and not at all like wading through muddy bogs. As for the race it is fast and flat with only three mild hills in the later stages. It's a welcome bit of light relief for all those training for a spring marathon.  Andy Pearson fresh from the national bog trotting/cross country running competition on the Saturday finished as the first NMH home in 58 mins exactly.

By Patricia Speedie

Snake Lane 10 2013, one of not many 10 mile road races around, weather conditions were actually great for all 737 runners who took part, whether attached or unattached, everybody did well!  The race was very well organised and a great atmosphere was felt from start to finish.  A warm welcome was given afterwards at the Rugby Club where refreshments were available and a great chance to meet up with colleages who had all made Snake Lane 10 2013 a memorable event.  10 members from NMH took part, all different age catagories and actually recorded some great times. 1st male from NMH was Andy Pearson and 1st lady from NMH was Joanne Goldsmith. Also Jim Conaghan and Brian Allen recorded great times for their age catagory. Well done to all Harriers.  Hopefully next year we may have a few more competitors to represent such a friendly club

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