Yorkshire Marathon - 11/10/15



Blog by Lauren Pennock


Seeing as people keep asking me how the marathon went, I thought I'd write you a running commentary! Enjoy and thanks again for all your support :)


Mile 1- OMG I'm running a marathon whose stupid idea was this?! 
Mile 2- Ooh look the Minster isn't it pretty?! Now slow down you moron you've still got 24 miles to run - CAMERA better speed up!
Mile 3 - This marathon malarkey is easy. I've ran a parkrun already.
Mile 4 - Do I carry this water or fling it? It's kind of annoying but I also want water. I'll keep it 
Mile 5 - Is that a vicar giving high 5s to runner or am I hallucinating?! No it definitely is - we're only 5 miles in I can't be delusional just yet 
Mile 6 - Wow that's 10k down. Maybe I can do this!
Mile 7 - I've just been overtaken by batman and a guy dressed as Elsa from frozen playing all the songs. I wanna stay with them and sing along but they're too fast 
Mile 8 - Gees no one wants to talk to me. I keep trying to make friends but no one is going for it. I also can't feel my feet. Brilliant.
Mile 9 - Next water station. Now do I go for the water or the energy drink? I can't decide so grab both. Energy drink is disgusting so that gets shot at a bin pretty quickly, although I miss and nearly take a woman out - oops.
Mile 10 - I like 10, it's a nice round number. Only a Parkrun till half way.
Mile 11 - My feet are back with me and man I wish they weren't - it feels funny!
Mile 12 - ooh nearly half way and my legs feel fab although I really need the loo - time to brave the queues! 
Mile 13 - HALF WAY! Although that toilet queue really cost me some time, best get a shimmy on 
Mile 14 - Perhaps that mile was a bit fast, although I can see the 4:30 pacer and I'm right on track for a half decent time. I'm also pretty sure I just saw Elvis... 
Mile 15 - I'm ridiculously bored now. I ask the person next to me if they're bored too but just get a hard stare back. Time to make friends with the headphones again... I'm sorry I got angry at you, can we please be pals again? My feet have once again gone on vacation..,,
Mile 16 - Now I remember why I meant to sort out my iPod, new tunes desperately needed. On the plus side 10 miles to go! Yahoo!
Mile 17 - oh god. This is that out and back but Stewart warned me about this morning. Oh dear we're running down, which can only mean we need to go back up. Slow down!!! 
Mile 18 - Slowing down really isn't an issue anymore as my legs have decided they wanna pack in now. The tops of my thighs are hurting so much I managed to convince myself ive got trochanteric bursitis. Commence in head revision of orthopaedic conditions... Man I'm seriously going mad now! 
Mile 19 - Awkward number. Almost 20 but not. Enough said 
Mile 20 - Yipppeee 10k to go! I can do a 10k right? I'm sure ive ran 10k with my legs more tired than they are now?! I can do this... 
Mile 21 - I wanna go home. I hate this marathon. Why didn't any sane people stop me?! On the plus side ive now caught up to Elsa and have commenced a frozen sing along - much to the dismay of those around me!
Mile 22 - everywhere hurts. I can't do this I'm gonna drop out. My feet have also come back to say hello - WHY NOW?! MUST KEEP RUNNING. 
Mile 23 - Only a parkrun to go. I can do a parkrun right? Now the mind has gone as well as the legs, I think this is what they mean by hitting the wall. I've also lost Elsa again so back out the headphones come luckily I've found my S Club 7 songs although they aren't really helping.
Mile 24 - 2 to go. Not that far. Keep going. 21 minutes and it's over. Nearly there
Mile 25 - I'm sure that mile was longer than the first 24. Elsa seems to have put a bit of effort in and has caught me up. I am not been beaten by a man in a dress. LAUREN GET YOURSELF TOGETHER!
Mile 26 - Nearly there... Nearly there- Where is this finish line! OMG LOOK AT THAT HILL!!!! What cruel person finishes a marathon up a massive hill???!!! 
Mile 26.2 - I DID IT!!! I actually completed a marathon! Nice decent hill sprint to finish, seems like all those sprints up Whiteladies have paid off and the bling is awesome!




Six runners took on the popular and picturesque Yorkshire Marathon in York.  Trish Speedie managed a 12 minute PB finishing in 3:35 with David Hodgson 3:29, Stewart Hart 4:22,  Cheryl Hepples 4:21, Lauren Pennock 4:35 and Julie Hodgson 5:36 also having good runs



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