Christmas Handicaps 2015

After almost continuous rain over the previous 24 hours, a diversion was required for the parkrun to avoid flooded sections of Locke Park.

After deducting the handicap from each of the NMH runners the net times and senior handicap results is as follows:



pos NAME Time Hcap Net Time
1 Charlotte Stonehouse 23m38s 08m34s 15m04s
2 Cheryl Hepples 29m51s 14m36s 15m15s
3 Andrew Sugden 19m44s 04m09s 15m35s
4 Robert Graham 24m22s 08m29s 15m53s
5 Colin Scollay 33m10s 17m07s 16m03s
6 Paul Cleasby 20m00s 03m42s 16m18s
7 Diane Hall 29m50s 13m29s 16m21s
8 Sue Crust 33m29s 17m07s 16m22s
9 Helen Tyreman 29m26s 13m03s 16m23s
10 Richard Oliver 26m55s 10m22s 16m33s
11 Dawn Sulley 23m44s 07m08s 16m36s
12 Paul Darroch 18m20s 01m41s 16m39s
13 Charlotte Ellis 23m29s 06m47s 16m42s
14 David Matthews 29m35s 12m45s 16m50s
15 Lauren Pennock 27m56s 10m39s 17m17s
16 John Spraggett 23m45s 06m19s 17m26s
17 Caroline Chinnock 28m41s 11m07s 17m34s
18 Lorraine Allamby 28m37s 10m54s 17m43s
19 Andrew Hart 23m01s 05m01s 18m00s
20 Terry Saffin 33m02s 14m43s 18m19s
21 Catherine Learoyd 33m01s 14m31s 18m30s
22 Graham Hall 34m17s 13m10s 21m07s
23 Michelle O'Grady 33m59s 10m15s 23m44s

There was only seven turned up for the junior races and with a staggered start the first in each race was as follows (clock time followed by start time after 0): 

Under 11s - 1 mile

1st Matthew Downs 8:34 (1:22)

2nd Isobelle Troop 8:56 (1:05)

3rd Grace Burniston 9:47 (1:01)

Over 11s - 2 miles

1st Charlotte Gunn 18:30 (1:06)

2nd Rebecca Aspin 18:46 (3:52)

3rd Daniel Gunn 18:46 (6:31)

4th Matthew Chinnock 18:56 (5:01)


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