Chevin Chase - 26/12/15



A super report below from Trish Speedie.  You usually have to have "Brownlee" in your name to win this race, from the pictures and the report you can see why they chose not to run this year!


This race was a first for me and it's always nice to try something different, the Chevin Chase 7 miler, a great race for Boxing Day and a good way to burn off those calories from Christmas Day. 



I don't think I have ever experienced anything like it. Pouring down from start to finish. In fact it's a wonder it wasn't cancelled. Cross country and trail runs are a piece of cake compared to this one, the first mile was just like a waterfall running towards you, I'm running up the hill, it's coming down, oh god I really don't do hills!  My feet were wet within the first half a mile and I'm already out of breath lol. 




You then turned off to the right a bit further on where the challenge started, mud yes - more like a mud bath, deep, muddy and very dodgy underfoot, runners already slipping, sliding and falling over, you really didn't know what you were going to stand on or in, rocks, stones, ditches and very uneven surfaces, this part of the course was tricky but everyone carried on, me trying to get past a man in a dress with lipstick and a wig who seemed to be coping ok, well better than me anyway!
There were plenty of marshals around the course, despite the heavy rain, cheering you on as you went back on to the road for a mile or so and then more mud into a woodland area, which at this point I lost my hat but somehow managed to grab it back before it disappeared into more rushing water.  Well it is my favourite hat which I wasn't letting go of. Wringing it out as I went along, I kept going .
Quite a few climbs in this race, I repeat that hills are not my favourite, I really need to do more hill training. Around mile 5 was a BIG hill, back on the tarmac, just as you came off the trails from the woods, the top of the hill was in sight, and lots of people giving encouragement, breathe breathe and I'm nearly at the top but struggling to get past people in the way.
Then again another stretch of deep mud/river running, very challenging, you really had to keep your eyes on where you were placing your feet, obviously I wasn't paying much attention at this point as here I fell, right in front of a group of marshals (knew it would have to happen, sooner or later) front first but all good fun, once you're wet you're wet, "get up and get on with it Trish" I said to myself.
From here you turned the corner onto a nice downhill road back into the village, thank goodness for a tarmac road for the final push, still water running down the roads behind me but I'd finished, soaked but fun!
The atmosphere and the race itself was exhilarating. I would definitely return again but you'd have to be lucky or unlucky to get those same conditions!
Photos1   Photos 2   Courtesy  David Owen Airecentre Pacers


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